P2P Marshal™ Training


We offer a one-day training course on peer-to-peer forensics and P2P Marshal. The course includes:

  • Overview of the architecture of peer-to-peer systems: file sharing, networks and clients
  • Hands-on exercises using manual analysis techniques
  • Instruction and forensic details of peer-to-peer software commonly seen in criminal investigations
  • Detailed instruction for using P2P Marshal in forensic investigations
  • Hands-on exercises using P2P Marshal
  • For certification, two quizzes covering:
    • Peer-to-peer networks and clients
    • Results of an investigation of a case involving two different P2P clients

If you are interested in hosting a one-day course and would like to request a quote, please contact our Sales Team.

We also offer online training in P2P Forensics and P2P Marshal.

Training Schedule

Please email our Training Coordinator if you are interested in P2P Forensics Training.